Edmond W. Rickett

Music Directing the School Musical

Last week I wrote about Gilbert and Sullivan Vocal Score editor Bryceson Treharne. Today I will bring you information about the other Schirmer G&S editor, Edmond W. Rickett, who edited Patience, Ruddigore, Yeomen, and The Gondoliers. Like Treharne, he was born in the UK and emigrated to the US in the early years of the 20th century. Like Treharne, he was an accomplished pianist, organist and composer who seemed to have enjoyed working with amateurs and had an ear for the poetic. But whereas Bryceson Treharne had spent his young adult years looking for truth in literature and doggedly composing in a German prison camp, Rickett was a working music director who collaborated briefly with W.S. Gilbert himself. As we will see, he had a great deal to say about the experience. From the beginning, we see Rickett combing through old music, often rearranging it…

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Watching TV


I took this photo of Dad as we watched our favorite cable news show, The Rachel Maddow Show. 

The Most Memorable Review

I originally conceived and posted this for a different blog, but since this site is missing any mention of my father’s mother, I’m re-posting it here to remedy that omission.

A Choice of Witnesses

It was much better than I thought it would be.”

I know that’s not exactly high praise, but for me, that’s the most memorable and pleasing review I received for “A Choice of Witnesses.” That’s because it came from someone who actually helped fund the post-production of the film, my grandmother, Joanna Roos. (See her name in the end credits.) Also my grandmother offered a unique perspective because of her long career as an actress, first on Broadway and then in movies and television. (See her on the Internet Broadway Database; see her on the Internet Movie Database.)

When I finally had this 16 mm student film edited, scored, mixed, printed and transferred to video, I made the trip from Connecticut down to New Jersey to the Meadow Lakes retirement home where she lived. I had been there many times but this time I came equipped to screen…

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Video: A Tribute to Peter Rickett

This is a tribute video created to play during my Dad’s retirement party with the Greenville Symphony.  (Circa 1990)  It runs about 13 minutes.

I think this video was pretty well done and deserved of an Internet audience.  There were no credits on the production nor the VHS tape I’ve had stashed away in my drawer for nearly 25 years.  If someone knows the videomakers,  please write in.

Of the people appearing in the video, I know very few of them.  My mother, Betsie Rickett, is featured prominently.  The video is introduced by Bradford W. Wyche, at that time the President of the Greenville Symphony Association.  Others appearing: Dr. Richard Maag, James Parham, Karen Lawton, Mary (Evelyn) McCrary, Peggy Parham, Patricia Quarles, John Parham, Martha Kitterman, Joel Keller.

The date “4/29/90” was written in pencil in what looks like my father’s handwriting on the label of the tape.  VHS was never meant to be an archival video format, but the quality pulled from this 25 year-old tape is mostly passable.


Hendersonville News 1989

Here’s an article cut-out from the Times-News (Hendersonville) that my Mom sent me in the mail.  (May 28, 1989)  The photo of my Dad conducting is a little freaky in terms of his hair and eye wear, but it’s a good article.  Sorry about the quality and presentation of the PDF but I think it’s worthy because of the way he’s quoted in the article.



Hendersonville News 1979

I ran across this ad for the Hendersonville Symphony in The Times News for June 4th, 1979.  I thought it worth including here for historical value.


By the way, it would seem that ticket prices for this group have gone up 10 fold to $35.00 over the past 35 years.

Retirement Party 1986

Here are a couple of photos of my parents at the retirement party the GSO had for my father in 1986.  I believe it was at the Hyatt Regency, Downtown Greenville.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture