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The Most Memorable Review

I originally conceived and posted this for a different blog, but since this site is missing any mention of my father’s mother, I’m re-posting it here to remedy that omission.

A Choice of Witnesses

It was much better than I thought it would be.”

I know that’s not exactly high praise, but for me, that’s the most memorable and pleasing review I received for “A Choice of Witnesses.” That’s because it came from someone who actually helped fund the post-production of the film, my grandmother, Joanna Roos. (See her name in the end credits.) Also my grandmother offered a unique perspective because of her long career as an actress, first on Broadway and then in movies and television. (See her on the Internet Broadway Database; see her on the Internet Movie Database.)

When I finally had this 16 mm student film edited, scored, mixed, printed and transferred to video, I made the trip from Connecticut down to New Jersey to the Meadow Lakes retirement home where she lived. I had been there many times but this time I came equipped to screen…

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