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Photo: Bill Rickett in Costume


Someone is going to have to explain this one to me.



Photo: The Five Wood


Photo by David Rickett

Here’s Dad posing with his trusty 5-wood (metal) in 2006.  As I remember, the point of this photo was that at his age things went better when he teed off with his 5-metal (wood).  Somehow, that’s been true for me my entire golfing life.  This photo was taken on one of the courses in Sun City West, AZ.


Photo: 1972

My beautiful picture

Photo by Betsie Rickett

This was taken on Mom & Dad’s first trip to Europe in 1972.  I believe this was in Italy somewhere.


Portrait: 1950


Photo by Harold Hone (1950)


This is a portrait of my father, Peter Rickett, from 1950.  The photo has a note saying it was taken by Harold Hone, a well-known Madison, Wisconsin photographer and a family friend.

Peter Rickett at Picnic Point

This is from 1947 near Madison, Wisconsin.  With that pose and attitude, he’s a spitting image for my late brother.

Dad with his Dad


Young Peter John Rickett & Edmond William Rickett

This must be circa 1929.  I figure my father looks about six years old?  He ended up looking quite a bit like his old man.  As for more details about this photo, someone else is going to have to fill that in.

Excerpt From GSO 60th Anniversary Publication 2007

Below is an excerpt from the 60th anniversary publication by the GSO that features historical information about Conductor, Peter Rickett. 

Front Page of the Greenville News

The ol’ conductor made the front page of the Greenville News.  Thank you to Bill Johnson, Executive Director of the GSO for scanning the article and sending it along to me.  I’ve pasted it below in two parts (in PDF form).  Also thank you to Arts Writer, Paul Hyde for his great work.



Alternatively, here’s the direct link to the Greenville News Article by Paul Hyde.