In Memoriam Page on GSO Website

The Greenville Symphony created a wonderful “In Memoriam” page on their website for “the GSO’s first full-time music director and conductor.”  It’s very nice and we thank them kindly.  Click here to see to see it.



String Camp


My beautiful picture

L to R: Me, Christine, Dad, Stevie, Debbie

Circa 1966.

A Visit with John Abbott

Peter Rickett, John Abbott, Betsie Rickett

Peter Rickett, John Abbott, Betsie Rickett

This is a photo of my parents, Betsie & Peter, with character actor John Abbott circa 1991.  At the time I was helping John Abbott with the writing of his book about acting and his career. While my parents were visiting Los Angeles, I brought them over to meet the elderly actor.  Sadly, John Abbott’s unique and interesting book was never published.


Picnic Point 2


Here’s another photo from Picnic Point on Lake Mendota in 1947 (near Madison, WI).


Photo: Bill Rickett in Costume


Someone is going to have to explain this one to me.


Photo: The Five Wood


Photo by David Rickett

Here’s Dad posing with his trusty 5-wood (metal) in 2006.  As I remember, the point of this photo was that at his age things went better when he teed off with his 5-metal (wood).  Somehow, that’s been true for me my entire golfing life.  This photo was taken on one of the courses in Sun City West, AZ.


Photo: 1972

My beautiful picture

Photo by Betsie Rickett

This was taken on Mom & Dad’s first trip to Europe in 1972.  I believe this was in Italy somewhere.