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Video: A Tribute to Peter Rickett

This is a tribute video created to play during my Dad’s retirement party with the Greenville Symphony.  (Circa 1990)  It runs about 13 minutes.

I think this video was pretty well done and deserved of an Internet audience.  There were no credits on the production nor the VHS tape I’ve had stashed away in my drawer for nearly 25 years.  If someone knows the videomakers,  please write in.

Of the people appearing in the video, I know very few of them.  My mother, Betsie Rickett, is featured prominently.  The video is introduced by Bradford W. Wyche, at that time the President of the Greenville Symphony Association.  Others appearing: Dr. Richard Maag, James Parham, Karen Lawton, Mary (Evelyn) McCrary, Peggy Parham, Patricia Quarles, John Parham, Martha Kitterman, Joel Keller.

The date “4/29/90” was written in pencil in what looks like my father’s handwriting on the label of the tape.  VHS was never meant to be an archival video format, but the quality pulled from this 25 year-old tape is mostly passable.



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